Who can make the best use out of the Bosch XDK? 

IoT Challenge

XDK: The “Swiss army knife” for the Internet of Things


The BOSCH Cross-Domain Development Kit (XDK) combines a wide array of MEMS sensors with a powerful microprocessor and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and WLAN. Due to its compact design and the built-in battery, it can be easily deployed in many environments or integrated into other systems.

The XDK is freely programmable using the Eclipse-based “XDK workbench”. Using C as programming language we afford a lot of power and versatility. We offer a wide range of APIs supporting built-in sensors and connectivity. For easier access to the key features, we developed “XDK LIVE”, a programming language designed for developers without embedded development background. Its language design and feature-set make anyone coming from a world of Javascript, Typescript, Java, Swift or Go feel right at home.

Those features make the XDK an ideal prototyping platform for any IoT use. Once the prototype is working, you can scale your idea to a product based on the same platform. With its rich set of certifications and professional housing the XDK is ideally suited for direct deployment in the field.